Advertising and Target Marketing In Our Local Agency

Why do we believe we are the best advertising and marketing agency in the local Bakersfield CA area?

Are you looking for an advertising agency in Bakersfield CA?

Do you want to grow your business?

If so, you’re in the right place, here we focus on anything such as graphic design for your logo all the way to your advanced marketing tactics to collect leads for your business.

 Let me break down how this works better than billboards or Google Ads.

First things first, notice how I searched for the key term known as “Dentist in Bakersfield”. Secondly, notice how it has a monthly search volume of 1,900 per month. That is 1,900 potential customers looking for this term.

If they are searching for this term they are most likely looking for a local dentistry to get some service

Advertising Agency Bakersfield

The main platform that we like to focus on is Facebook advertising, Facebook has grown so much over the years but why do we feel this is so essential to growth in any business at all?

When it comes to platforms such as Facebook ads, we can micro focus on audiences such as age demographics all the way to income and interests.

The demographics can micro-target some of the best sections for advertisers. If you look over at the left arrow it shows the city and region you can select to perform your search on.

In my case, I can type in “California” but if my company is more local I can type in “Bakersfield” or even my company’s address.

Under the right arrow, you will notice the “Demographics” tag, this shows the number of women and men interested in a certain subject or topic.

This is very powerful when being selective on the type of audiences you wish to target that are most interested in your product or service.

audience insights

It gets even better

Under, you will notice the different fields of work these demographics are in. If you are a painting company and you notice that most of your likely customers come from backgrounds such as “sales” or “IT” then guess what??? You can target those people too.

audience insights

Pretty neat huh? This is a way to skyrocket sales in your industry if you understand the power of Facebook ads.

Here, we also focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank your website in google to get more organic traffic, we do press releases, and many other forms of marketing.

All though this is dandy and great for exposure, that is a very small equation to what we can offer in your business.

 To set up an appointment and a consulting call you can contact us by email or phone number and we will be sure to get with you and discuss your business and what we can do to help you grow.

Here is a great article on the new digital revolution

What makes us a unique advertising agency in Bakersfield?

Imagine this, what if you can predict your audience behavior using data easily accessible to you?

What if you can better track a trend to advertise your product or service?

This is possible because we can see the trends steadily inclining over time by simply using Google.

See here

google trends cannibis

now looking at this data, if you owned a business in the cannabis industry this should be good news to you.

If you don’t own a cannabis business this would be a good time to start.

or, if you’re selling a product like for example a clothing line

marijuana hat

Now considering the trend in the weed industry you can predict that any product or service affiliated with this trend is sure to bring you business.

No matter what industry you may be in the analytical data we use is all in respect to bring you profits.

When we advertise for our clients we want to take out all of the nitty-gritty of your business.

Our strong suit is advertising on any social media platform from Instagram to the brand new snapshot.

We understand the demographics and the demands that go around in a consumer’s mind with our highly targeted analytics.

The analytic data may be the first thing we have to collect before we actually are ready to spend the big bucks on your branding exposure.

Let us focus on the metrics and data and you can focus on the business.

We are easily accessible and speak plain English.

We won’t nerd up the conversation we will break down our marketing strategy for your business in such a way that you feel confident in your business growth and that so you understand the direction your marketing is going.

understand that we are here to help, If there are any objections or questions to how we are marketing, feel free to give us a call or shoot an email to clear up any concerns that you may have.

Your local Bakersfield advertising is done for you

 We love our process and would also want your experience to go as smooth as possible.

We promise to break down our strategy step by step. All you have to do is agree to our services and we will be sure to deliver more quality customers in your business with our most cutting-edge marketing efforts.

During a brief meeting before we begin our process, you will be shown analytical data of your competitors while also viewing your own.

It is time to stop wasting money on useless and ineffective ways of advertising and take control of your business with the most modern yet effective ways to generate more leads.

Remember if you grow we grow! We are confident we can deliver the most quality, no matter what service you have to offer.

If you are a bar, real estate company, bail bonds, insurance no matter the industry we are here to help your brand get more exposure when marketing and advertising in Bakersfield.

Why we love local marketing for our clients in Bakersfield

This may seem like a complicated industry but honestly, there is a lot of joy that comes with our company.

Throughout our journey with our business partners, there is a relationship that is built along the way.

When we are holding professional meetings our clients are exposed to what is possible with SEO and what is possible with other social platforms.

Our job is to encourage you through this journey and to learn more about not only your own business but also with ours and understanding what works and most importantly learning why it works.

For more information or to schedule a meeting is sure to contact us.

local promotions the forefront of your business and websites?

When we are talking about something as complex as internet advertising you should take into consideration as to whether your business can live or die without it.

Just think about it, if you had no social media as well as no website what is your business worth?

Will billboards and magazine ads get you there alone?

My short answer is, no, because if I were to simply define this scenario I would tell you that people will see these ads but they will hardly be as effective no matter what market your in when using an advertising agency in Bakersfield CA you have to take into consideration the vast size of this city and simply make a determination as to what can be the best way to connect your community to your business.

If this were a smaller city such a Taft then those may work!

but since your in a medium-sized city with nearly half a million people, social media and SEO are the best services you can offer your business.

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