Your Bakersfield rankings with SEO

Why local Bakersfield Ranking with SEO matters

Bakersfield SEO or SEO in any other city can be described as a unique when trying to feature any website that needs to be optimized for maximum traffic or exposure to your brand.

Small items such as keywords or social signals can highly increase organic traffic to your site.

Do not get afraid of the nerdy techy lingo, I will explain.

Behold, the social signal.

Social signals can be simply described as the amount of shares your post or website URL has gotten on social media. Here is an example of some social signals on this very website.

SEO social signals

You will notice that this website has 9k shares on Facebook and 331 on Pinterest.

Shares do not necessarily have to be local shares. For example all of my 9k shares do not have to be in Bakersfield CA or whatever city you may live in.

its perfectly fine to have shares anywhere around the world. This just shows that people are enjoying your article.

When doing SEO understand that this makes your website look like an authority in your niche and makes Google trust your site more

Bakersfield SEO with Authority links

We can identify an authority link by the relevance of the page. For example, you can Google “Dog Toys”, the first result would be the website with the most authority hence, that’s why it ranks above all the others.

If you can get a link from this website this will make your website more authoritative and even rank better in your local area.

Check out how authoritative Youtube is:

social shares seo

Notice how Youtube’s trust flow is almost at 100 and link volume is also almost 100. Google really trusts Youtube and it’s linked.

The higher the trust flow to your site the better

Your trust flow does not have to be at 100 to be a good site. Any trust flow of at least 10 is good, but 98 trust flow is killing the competition.

Now let us check out Youtube’s competition:

daily motion seo example

Now any average joe on the street probably never heard of “Daily motion”, not because they aren’t a good business or website, but simply because Youtube is absolutely crushing their competition with SEO.

This is what your business can look like against your competition.

If you are someone who is selling computers and Microsoft puts a link to your site in one of their blogs your website look more relevant.

When getting authority links to make sure to stay niche specific, what I mean by that is if you own a restaurant, it would not help if you got a link from Petsmart.

What am I trying to say? Just simply stick to your industry.

Authority links can be set back to your site depending on the PR ranking of the backlink that will add more trust to your website from Google.

Check out this image on businesses without SEO.

Bakersfield SEO

This is a new age and a new opportunity to take on your competition before they catch on to the trend of SEO and online marketing, and if you live in Bakersfield your in a good position to start.


If you want to learn a little more about SEO click here

High PR

High PR is essential to a website a PR ranking can range from anywhere from 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest. Usually when it comes to ranking your website getting a backlink on a site with a high PR can boost your search engine rankings.

Here is a video on using PR links.

This makes google better trust your site and better optimized for the search engines.

Another small reason why SEO matters

SEO generally could take you about 6 to 9 months to rank your website but apply the strategies that we emphasize could get you in the spotlight as soon as 2 months.

We do a lot of SEO work on your behalf from content writing on your blogs to even publishing press releases about YOUR business.

SEO can generally be described as how relevant is your site in the eyes of Google.

Google typically likes to keep their users happy so depending on the content you have on your site (not the type) will show how important you are to Google users.

So when typing content we like to focus on the quality, not the quantity, Google will be checking for it’s relevancy.

If you are trying to rank for a keyword such as “dog toys”,  “best places to eat” or any other word you want to rank for will be highly dependent on how you display your content and proper formatting of your articles or blogs.

Good backlinks combined with good keyword research can better your chances of prospective clients there are many other factors involved in SEO as a matter of fact, Google has announced that there are 200 factors but no need to worry.

We want to rank your site for the Bakersfield CA or whatever city your in only. We arent going nationwide here.

Just hand the work over to us and we will be happy to assist you.


We make local rankings easy for you

 I promise the only thing you will have to do is sit down in a brief meeting and discuss the details of your business and what Bakersfield SEO keywords that you wish to improve.
The information we go over when it comes to your site would be made easy to understand so that you can feel more confident in our efforts.
When we are finished with our meetings we will ensure that you completely understand SEO and why it is important for your business.
While working on your marketing you will be called at least once or twice a month to go over what we did in an effort to push you to the top of Google.
However, these calls are not limited to only our end, feel free to call us anytime you want to receive an update on our progress. Does this sound hard? I hope not, it is our job to help you not stress you out.

1 more sneaky way to rank using search engine optimization

First and foremost you need to optimize your on-page SEO.

In order to do this one of the most underrated things is to correct your grammar when writing content.

Google likes you to have crisp clear content when trying to rank. Would Google’s users be happy if while reading articles they come across a multitude of grammatical errors?

Would you buy a product if the salesman or woman did not have the proper pronunciation in their English? Mostly, would you trust anyone or any website who could not even spell? No?

Ok, now you understand one thing that has Google’s eye when ranking in the local search engine.

My second most important thing to look at is you LSI keyword, this can be described as a synonym for the local keywords you are trying to rank for.

For example, if my keyword were to be “local low price real estate” you can then put your LSI keyword as “local cheap real estate”. This can make your website better optimized for search engine optimization.

In the figure below it shows how LSI keywords work.

If you optimize your site for Photos or Picture then Google will also send users to synonyms of those keywords you optimized for.

If you optimize for the word “Photo” and a Google user searches for the word “image” instead, your synonym will come up along with other searches

LSI keywords

In case you did not understand what I meant. Take a look at this.

Here I Googled the term “Funny Pictures” and Google took me to similar terms such as “Funny pics”. This my friend, is an LSI keyword.

So now you don’t have to get all caught up in optimizing for various different synonyms for the keywords you wish to optimize. Doesn’t it feel so much better that Google does all of the dirt work for you?

LSI keyword

Do not underestimate simple strategic ways to optimize your website.

This can be the difference between you ranking on the first page of Google and on the second. So when doing optimization keep this in mind so that you can stay ahead of your competitor.


What can authority websites do for your local SEO?

Getting high authority websites to link to you is not easy, BUT, it can be done.

In the scenario that a high authority website links to you, this can make your website look more relevant in the eyes of Google.

An authority site can be simply described as a website with high trust, or better yet, a website that ranks on the first page of Google.

If you see a website ranked on the first page of Google, this can only mean one thing, Google trusts that web page meaning if that website trusts you enough to give you a link google with then take notice and rank you in the search engine.

I am going to say this again, an authority website that ranks to you has to be relevant in your niche.

Got it? ok.

If you own a sanitation company, this then means that the authority site has to also be another sanitation site or something similar to your site’s niche.

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