The state of internet marketing in Bakersfield

The internet marketing future in Bakersfield

Quality internet marketing in Bakersfield CA along with Social media is the holy grail of YOUR business in Bakersfield as well as any other company.
Why is this? over the past 20+ years of social media being around, such as Facebook, or even the emergence of Myspace.
These social platforms, as well as many others, have revolutionized the way we communicate with the world.
internet marketing bakersfield ca

The impact of internet marketing in Bakersfield CA

The world is a much smaller place now and as a business, I would recommend that you keep up with the times, but if you live in Bakersfield California you may be right on time.
The stock market runs through the internet, and can also be influenced by a single tweet on any social platform.
Just as we thought business can’t get any more industrialized it turns out that we were all wrong.
Check out this video to better understand how it all works.
This is more political when discussing social media and the internet but look through the content to understand its impacts.

investing in Advertising with SEO VS Web Design

Internet SEO Bakersfield

Sure web design can be important but what good does it do you if your website is on the 3rd page of Google?

Did you know 90% of clicks go on the first page?

What if I told you that there are local people looking for your business or services every day on Google?

A simple local keyword can generate thousands of searches in your area per month.

Without proper SEO you can easily fall on the second to the 3rd page of Google.

This does not do your business any justice by missing out on that additional revenue that could put cash into your business.

website design bakersfield
Who would have seen this coming? internet Marketing and advertising have changed so much that it practically would make no sense to do radio and billboard advertising.
Why do these methods when we can hyper-target specific audiences or groups with as little as $5 with Facebook or just run an SEO campaign?
This my friend, is the future, are you willing to keep up with the times?
If there is any other time to get out of the traditional way of thinking when it comes to marketing and advertising I would recommend that you get out of the mindset NOW!
People in the great city of Bakersfield are mostly stuck in the old traditional way of marketing.
What do I mean by this? I mean buying camera ads, billboard, commercials, radio etc. There are easier ways to do this and we’re here to help.
With there being so much to talk about when it comes to social media and advertising please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why the internet market can exponentially grow your business locally.

Business on internet marketing


















Just admit it,

no matter what your political affiliation is, you have to admit that it has a huge impact on the way people view your politics as well as business.

Think of the Kern county republican party and how they win 90% of their candidate’s elections.

This is not to be political but to make a point to you.

social media

Love them or hate them. Social media has been working out for many different areas of business.

They use the internet world to market dinners in the Bakersfield area as well as any other local community event to gain the support of their candidate.

There is one reason we all believe social media pulls us together, it is because of the outreach we can gain by simply using it.

Do not get me wrong, TV ads and other sources of marketing can have an effect also but the problem is that it does not target a specific audience in Bakersfield or any other city that you may live in, therefore, more money than necessary is being thrown away due to sloppy targeting.

For example, if I wanted someone to buy some prime stake with other meats with a promo to come to our store and other products, it would then make no sense for me to target people who are dedicated to veganism right?

An ad without a target market is equal to wasting money.

This is why the internet marketing world is so crucial and why it must be dealt with in a more mature and smarter manner to save you money as well as bring you more business.

Why should you care about a Bakersfield internet advertising agency that is near you?

Yes, you read it correctly, why should you care?

Because the Keyword is “competition” and without the cutting edge consulting your competitors will blow you out of the water.

This is essential if you plan on growing your business yet alone if you are struggling to make light when all of your competitor’s consumers don’t even realize that you exist.

Do not hesitate to contact us to start your growth

4 General perks of the internet Promotions in locally

Truth is,

Most business owners are turned off to the idea of SEO or internet marketing.

Here is the interest in internet marketing since 2004.

Take a look.

internet marketing trends

The fact that most business owners are turned off to the fact of using the internet to help generate business is a huge win for business owners wanting to invest in this service.

1. Bakersfield is a medium-sized city: Here you get the best of both worlds Bakersfield is not too small nor is it so large that competition can drive you out of business!


The reason why it is good that it is not necessarily small is that you can endure the fruits and consumer base of a well-populated city.

You can also endure the fruits of a smaller town so internet marketing in Bakersfield CA can also keep you on the cutting edge of local trends.


2. Internet marketing is not well known: 

Yes, I said it!

This is not a well-known business in Bakersfield.

Why is that?

Some may argue “what about craigslist, or google ads or even LinkedIn”  Yes those are forms of online marketing BUT, they are not optimized to drive mass consumerism like SEO, or Facebook Pixels.

Here is a pic of a “Google heat map”

google heat map

Notice something,

ads are on the first page with the organic search results while they barely get any clicks.

Here is the problem with ads, they are stupid expensive and have a low click-through rate as compared to SEO.

Google ads may be some exception but still does not convert better than SEO. This is not my opinion, these are facts!

3. There is still time to get in!: 

Don’t you wish there was an easier way than camera ads or billboards?

Good news for you, there is!

other businesses are slow to get into the trend and this is the perfect time to change the marketing tactics for your business and make the targeting hyper-focused.

4. There is so much diversity: Bakersfield, unlike any other city, is a very diverse playground.

With this being said that only means that many other people are trying many different forms of marketing.

Some businesses try multiple avenues of marketing and advertising but fail not because their business is not good but simply that they do not possess the tools and knowledge to do this the right way.

yes, there is a right way to do marketing and the best of all is that we do all forms of it with the knowledge and skills to help you succeed in an ever-growing society.

This is your chance to tell your brand story, your business can be the embodiment of what is possible in your area.

It is possible that you are one step closer to being a force in the eyes of competition by simply taking action!

Maybe someone like you also has other businesses that can use some improvement in the digital marketing arena. If so, we can help, but first, decide to give us a call or shoot an email.

We will be in touch.

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