EASY ways you can sell real estate in Bakersfield

How to better sell real estate in Bakersfield

So, you find yourself as a licensed real estate agent looking to sell some real estate in Bakersfield.

You were always pretty good at selling or maybe you just flat out sucked at getting leads?

Now imagine that you 10x your sell skills and now you’re sitting back on the beach or with your family and you look at your phone and realize that you have some new leads calling you or your email list is growing.

Now, Imagine your email list being full of qualified prospects who want to buy the homes you are selling.

real estate bakersfield
They’re eager and they love what you have available and they haven’t even seen the home in person yet and at any moment it sounds like they are just ready to pull their wallets out and throw cash at you in order to get what they want.
Does this sound like it is too good to be true?
Well, the short answer is that it isn’t.
So now you are probably wondering. ‘well if this isn’t too good to be true, how can this be done?’
Am I right on that assumption? Well, here it goes.
What every agent is missing is a good website. Now before you click away let me ask you something.
When was the last time you have been on the second page of Google? Yes, I said the Second page, not the first but the second.
Did you know that more than 90% of clicks are on the first page of Google? Check out this heat map.
Google heat map
Now notice how ads barely even work. Who wants to spend money on cost per click when all of the traffic leads come from organic websites?
This should tell you something. It should tell you that you need a website that ranks on the first page.
Your head should be spinning with all kinds of ideas right now! If everyone on Google is searching for possible homes to buy then you should make the breakaway financially my friend.

Building a Website to sell real estate in Bakersfield

So what do you do now?

You start by building a site. Let me start by introducing Wix


Wix is an awesome website builder with many neat components.


This has custom templates to get you started and even an AI robot to start by building your site for you.


The beautiful drag and drop feature is something to die for in this crazy world of technology.


You do not need any technical skills to operate a website from Wix. It is completely user-friendly.




Weebly has all sorts of functions also and maybe, even more, user-friendly than Wix.


Here it has a section where it can designate your location and it sort of holds your hand when it comes to adding code to your site.


The thing I like about Weebly over Wix is that it is not as slow. This website is a faster-pasted website and not as choppy.



My personal favorite is WordPress. The only downside to this is that it is a little techy but can do wonders when it comes to selling your services through SEO.


WordPress Comes with a variety of plugins to modify your site and make it perform to the fullest potential.


Discover Search Volume When selling Homes

I have a surprise for yours. Do you know exactly the average number of people searching to buy a home in your local area on Google is?


Take a look at this.

homes for sale in bakersfield

This may be hard to look at but 880 people are looking for selling homes each month, no not each year but each month.
You should be on the verge of falling out of your seat right now?
Understand this,
880 searches a month means 880 potential leads. This can be revolutionary to your business model.
Better yet,
This can almost automate the whole process for you, so no more making boring calls that aren’t potential leads this is one of the best and modern ways to grow your business no matter what industry.
beam-cabin-clouds-531450 (1)

Let Me Give You a Giant Tip – Click Through Rate

What is Click Through Rate?

This video will explain what is click through rate and how to improve it.

Click through rate is going to make or break your site. If you can’t get a high enough click through rate then your website won’t rank which means your website won’t be seen.

This is something every business or website owner should watch out for.
If your content sucks, then people won’t stay on your site, and better yet, they won’t click on it the next time they see it.
Google has an AI that tracks user experience based on data they get from its daily users. Google is quality focused and cares more about its user than your website.
When Google finds out that your content isn’t appealing to its users it would then drop the rankings of your website.
If you’re selling some beach homes, then your website should outline the fact that your selling beach homes.
The worst thing you can do is manipulate a search result.
For example,
Google user types “beach homes”
Your website content shows *Homes in the mountains* Then Google users would then immediately click off because it was not something he/she was looking for.
As a result,
Your website click-through rate drops. This does not do any justice for your website and will tank your rankings.
What should you get from all of this? Content is king.

Using a sales funnel to sell a home

Here is one of my favorite tools.

This is a way to capture leads on autopilot.  This isn’t the only software available but let me tell you that this is one crazy software that any and every business should use.


You can help drive traffic to your funnel through social media or a website, or even an Ad.


At this point, with Click Funnels it shouldn’t matter which form of advertising you use to promote your selling of homes or any product or service you offer.



What is the Bonus Option?

The second option is that you can hire my agency to take care of all of the footwork for you.
We will go as far as generating an article and optimizing your site for you, building backlinks, doing your directories etc.
What if you do not have a site?
No problem, we will make a site for you. This can be an easy way for you.
What comes with talking with this company is a free audit and consultation call so that you can implement these ideas on your own if you’d like.
The only thing you will have to do at this point is pick up the phone when it rings.
Think of this option as an investment rather than a cost.
So please contact us

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